JILL - Montclair, NJ

As the leader of a team, Jill understands the importance of building genuine client relationships — which is something she gets to do every day with the MetLife Premier Client Group. From access to an open-architecture product platform to support from a team of experts, she has everything she needs in order to help clients meet their financial goals, all while finding time to pursue her personal passion: running.

JOHN - Brookfield, WI

John, a Financial Services Representative, makes planning for the future a top priority for both his clients and his own family. So when he transitioned from another firm to the MetLife Premier Client Group, it was imperative that nothing slowed or prevented him from doing what he does best. What John found was access to a greater suite of products, the ability to better serve his clients, and most importantly, more time and flexibility to spend with his family outside of the office.

ANU - Rockville, MD

After 22 years working for another company, Anu realized that the MetLife Premier Client Group could offer her and her clients so much more. More financial products and services. More opportunities to team with experts in other fields. And more opportunities to grow her practice. With so much to take advantage of at MetLife Premier Client Group, it’s no surprise that Anu had plenty to say when we asked her about her career and the MetLife perspective.

ERIK - Ventura, CA

As a Financial Planner & Financial Services Representative with the MetLife Premier Client Group, Erik runs a successful practice based in the very heart of his local community. Whether offering clients a varied product portfolio and a high level of financial planning experience or indulging in his many passions outside of work, Erik has discovered that taking the MetLife perspective has allowed him to get more out of life—both professionally and personally.

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