advisor teaming

Our perspective on teaming gives advisors a new, smarter way to do business. We encourage our advisors to define their individual expertise, and then supplement that perspective by becoming a part of a well-rounded, professionally diverse team. Even for those already on a team, our teaming environment creates the opportunity for shared accountability and resources, increased efficiency, and further specialization into targeted niche markets. By leveraging their collective strength, our teams are able to provide more holistic solutions and comprehensive strategies, which ultimately lead to deeper client relationships. In fact, it’s been proven that our advisors who work in teams are able to grow their practices faster than those who work independently. Join us, and discover for yourself how working with world-class talent can transform your practice.

Succession planning

You’re proud of the commitments you’ve made to your clients, but you need to plan for your practice like you plan for them. At the MetLife Premier Client Group, we remove the uncertainty from this complicated process to assure that when the time comes to retire, you’ll have the peace of mind that your practice is in good hands. Succession planning also creates opportunities for growth-minded financial professionals looking to expand their practices by partnering with advisors nearing retirement. Our succession-planning platform pairs with our advisor teaming model to create a formal framework for the transfer of clients, benefiting both the retiree and the successor. By introducing clients to trusted members of your team, you’ll be able to seamlessly transition relationships over time, all while protecting the value and integrity of your practice.

holistic Solutions

When it comes to providing an exceptional client experience, we understand there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Our diverse suite of wealth-and-risk-management products gives our advisors freedom to choose solutions that best match their clients’ goals. This open-architecture platform makes products from outside managers accessible, so our advisors never feel restricted in what they’re able to offer. If they need guidance, our advisors can leverage the knowledge of experts and specialists who will help them make the right choices and feel confident about every solution they provide. With so many resources dedicated to your success, we make it easy for you to focus on building and maintaining meaningful client relationships.

Time for What Matters

Our unique perspectives on advisor teaming, succession planning, and holistic solutions amount to one important thing: time for you to concentrate on what matters most. We make sure our advisors have the ability to grow their practices and create the balance they want in life by supporting them with the resources they need to emphasize their strengths. From specialized expert support at the practice, firm, and national level to robust benefits (health coverage, income protection, retirement and savings, plus many other voluntary benefits), we give advisors the ability to focus their energy on providing exceptional service to their clients while also taking care of themselves.

Support Programs

We want our advisors to feel supported in the areas in which they need it. Our support programs are designed to help advisors better understand the resources available to them so that they can maximize the benefits of their practice with the MetLife Premier Client Group. From lead generation and prospecting support to retirement planning, marketing resources, and developmental programs, we offer a wide range of areas for advisors to explore. Whether you’re an experienced advisor or an advisor who is newer to the industry, our support programs will help you better serve your clients and grow your practice.

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